Strategy & Planning

A strategy and planning service is a consulting service that helps organizations develop and implement effective strategies for achieving their goals. This service typically includes a range of activities, such as market research, competitive analysis, and financial modeling, to help organizations identify opportunities, set priorities, and develop action plans for achieving their objectives. The service may also include ongoing support and monitoring to help organizations stay on track and make adjustments as needed.

Web Design & Development

Web design and development is a service that involves creating and maintaining websites. The process typically includes designing the layout and appearance of the website, as well as coding and programming the functionality. This can include creating user interfaces, integrating with databases, and implementing features such as e-commerce and social media integration.

Graphic Designing & UI/UX

Graphic design and UI/UX (user interface and user experience) design are services that involve creating visual elements and interfaces for websites and digital products. Graphic design involves creating visual elements such as logos, icons, and layouts for a website. UI/UX design focuses on the usability and user experience of a website or digital product. It involves creating interfaces that are easy to navigate and understand to create a seamless experience.

Search Engine Optimization

We follow some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies outside the basics to help you stay at the top of the search engines. But with right combination of widget and module, add in time, subtract theory then might be equation produced will give the best solution. Each year our digital marketing agency reevaluates SEO strategies to keep up the ranking of your online business. Our online marketing services and social media tactics help your business get noticed in the virtual world.

Digital Marketing

Alberuni works with you to produce customized internet marketing services and a plan that aligns with your unique business needs. We become an extension of your team, a partner that understands your market and goals, rather than just an agency that executes strategies blindly. the process of exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet the needs of a target market in terms of goods and services.

Testing & QA

We offer a wide range of independent software testing and QA services that adhere to highest levels of security and industry standards. QA engineers thrive for increasing the quality of product while reducing time-to-market, management risks and operating costs. Regular performance tests are performed to ensure the quality of the product. We perform acceptance tests, evaluate the quality of code or of whole applications and automate quality assurance processes.

Mobile & Web Development

From small to large business entities, we have developed a good number of native, hybrid and enterprise applications. Whether you need to build the application from scratch or need a partner for smart customization of the existing platform, Alberuni Tech is your highly experienced development partner. With maximum effort and attention to details, we create web apps, services, and sites that accurately answer your expectations and satisfy the specific needs of your company.

Application Development

Custom software applications automate and streamline processes in an organization by saving a sufficient amount of time and cost while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. We provide full-stack application development services that cater to every facet of the tech industry. We provide custom applications that perfectly work across all popular browsers and deliver UX with a clear logical layout and mobile adaptation.

Product Maintenance

Completing a product development phase is not an end. Technology changes rapidly and there are regular updates both in software as well as hardware. Our years of experience enables us to comprehend and forecast future trends hence, we not only develop custom solutions but also help in maintaining and revamping them. Our services will reduce clients’ stress for refinement of their systems & ensure that operations are rationalized and working in a defined manner.